Direct Bolt-On Mazda 3 MPS Turbo Performance Upgrade utilizing a 600 Horsepower Garrett Ball-Bearing Core & Cover coupled with an ATP Turbo USA proprietary high quality cast turbine housing allowing for a direct bolt-on turbo upgrade to the original Mazda 3 MPS Turbo exhaust manifold; Contact Procharge Turbochargers Australia.
Air-Flow Rated 600HP


  • Direct Bolt-On to Exhaust Manifold
  • GT35R Garrett® Dual Ball Bearing CHRA & CC
  • Proprietary Cast Turbine Housing to suit Mazda 3 MPS
  • Includes all Coolant & Oil connections
  • Includes New Actuator
  • Air-Flow rated by Garrett® to over 600 HP


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Warning - Please Read!  

After fitting a higher flowing turbocharger it is crucial the vehicle be dyno-tuned by a mechanic who is experienced with tuning turbocharged vehicles BEFORE driving hard.


Air fuel ratio in particular requires monitoring whilst adjusting boost. The mechanic should set the boost at a safe level & determine what if any modifications are required to further increase boost pending your requirement!


More In, More Out, More Flow, More Go! If possible, it is best to try and retain the 3" inlet together with a high flowing 3" dump pipe / exhaust.


A 3" dump pipe and larger inlet is critical for reaching peak efficiency, quicker spool-up plus increased & sustained top end power using a cheetah GT Hybrid Stealth Turbo.


  P/N: C-GT35R-MPS  






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  Boost Cut Killer Mazda3 MPS Mazda6 MPS CX7 PCT-MS6-013
  • Boost Cut Killer (Mazda3 MPS - Mazda6 MPS - CX7)
  • Eliminates the ECU induced "Boost-Cut"
  • Bolts Inline with the MAP Sensor
  • Easy Installation
  • Note: Air Fuel Ratio Must be Monitored when Increasing Boost!
  Mazda3 MPS Front Mount Intercooler games that players can influence the outcome of by using proven strategies. title="Mazda3 MPS Front Mount Intercooler Kit" width="100" style="vertical-align: middle;" /> INT-MPS-600
  • Mazda3 MPS 600HP Intercooler Kit
  • Features a Garrett High Quality, High Density FMIC
  • All Intercoolers are Pressure Tested for Worry Free Installation
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Is Your Car a 2010 Model?


  Pipe Air Intake Kit Mazda3 MPS PCT-MS3-003
  • Mazda3 MPS 3" Air Intake Pipe Kit
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Specify Turbo Inlet Size
Are You Using the Stock Air-Box?


  Pipe Air Inlet Mazda3 MPS Kit 2 3.00 PCT-MS3-004
  • Mazda3 MPS 3" Air Intake Pipe Extension Kit
  • Replaces "Restricitive" Air Box
  • Allows Room for FMIC Pipes to be Easily Installed
  • Includes 3" CNC Solid Billet Alloy Machined MAF Housing
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