Specialising in Turbo Sales & Service Since 1984!

ProCharge offers a turbocharger sales & re-manufacturing service in Australia,catering for all brands of turbochargers utilising the latest balancing equipment from the USA.

All ProCharge turbochargers are serviced by a proficient technician with many years of experience equal to or better than factory specifications.

We focus on a fast and competitive service where quality of workmanship, quality of components and above all customer satisfaction is our highest priority!


Turbo overhaul, turbo repair and turbo rebuilds for all models (including variable vane) to factory standards or better to suit all passenger cars, competition, heavy-duty, commercial, agricultural, industrial and marine applications.

Utilising the latest technology and equipment as used for the US Military & incorporating our unique IV Stage Balancing Process, ProCharge guarantee's a perfectly balanced turbocharger verified with a computerised printed report supplied with every turbo rebuild.

Procharge's technicians diagnose the possible causes for the damage to, or failure of your turbocharger by analysing the old components and taking the extra time to report our findings to you to avoid a repeat failure from the same cause.



Member - Institute of Mechanical Engineers


New Genuine OEM Turbochargers

ProCharge supplies a massive range of quality replacement turbochargers Australia wide for all passenger cars, 4x4, trucks, industrial, marine, performance & competition for petrol, diesel or LPG driven applications.

All our new turbocharger's are imported directly from Germany, Japan, the USA or UK & include a genuine 12 Month Manufacturer's Warranty.   


New Replacement OEM Turbochargers

To meet the needs of customers requiring choice & reliability in a competitive market, ProCharge secured official Australian distributorship from manufacturer's such as Melett UK, Niitsu Japan, Malaysia & Turbo International USA.

Cheap turbochargers are easy to source however finding a competitively priced turbo which is also reliable can result in a very costly experience.

ProCharge has taken out the "Russian Roulette" approach for customers when choosing a turbocharger by implementing stringent quality control backed by years of experience: guaranteed!


New Performance Turbochargers

Through experience, we know exactly what you require; a quality product at a competitive price with the technical advice to achieve your goals.

In the Performance Arena we stock Garrett, BorgWaner, Airwerks, EFR Turbochargers & more.


New "Direct Location Bolt-On" Turbo Upgrades

With a high quality Garrett Ball Bearing Turbo Cartridge combined with high quality casting expertise imported from the USA, Procharge offers a direct bolt-on turbocharger upgrade solution for popular performance vehicles with optional horsepower outputs.

Proudly, Australian Distributor for Advanced Turbocharger Performance Inc. USA we market these turbochargers under our own Cheetah Stealth Series throughout Australia.



YES we DO repair VNT Turbochargers !!

We will match or better any genuine
advertised price ! !

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