Warranty is limited solely to the original purchaser for a period of twelve (12) months from date on invoice.

Warranty is limited solely to defect in material or workmanship.

Any failure due to defect in material or workmanship discovered within the twelve (12) months warranty period must be reported to Procharge by the purchaser and returned within the warranty period as stated above.

In order to warranty a part, turbo or workmanship, requires the purchased item be returned to Procharge for inspection in its "as is" condition (not cleaned or disassembled) together with a copy of the original invoice.

In some cases, we must forward the part or turbo to the manufacturer in order for them to do their own inspection, which would be conducted by highly qualified professionals or to a non-affilated turbocharger specialist for a second, non-biased report if required. This isn't a long process, but does require a little time, about a week to ten days.

Freight costs for the return of goods to Procharge will be incurred by the purchaser and return of goods back to the purchaser will be incurred by Procharge or the purchaser pending the result of the inspection report as to the cause of the failure.

If after inspection solely by a Procharge technician, and/or the manufacturer, and/or a non-affiliated qualified turbocharger specialist, it is determined that the product and/or workmanship is indeed defective, Procharge at its own discretion will repair, replace or refund the cost of the component(s) and workmanship to the maximum value as stated on the original invoice including any freight costs incurred by the purchaser.

The limited warranty does not cover any damage to goods in transit, abuse or misuse, incorrect installation, installation by a non-qualified mechanic, lack of servicing, unauthorised modifications, competition use or natural disasters.

This warranty is limited to the part, turbocharger or workmanship only as per Procharge's invoice, and does not include any parts or components associated with, attached, or connected to the turbocharger unit. This warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages or expenses of any kind.


Too often, in the event of malfunction of a turbocharged engine, the turbocharger is immediately assumed to be at fault and is replaced. Frequently, the replacement unit soon fails, finally prompting an investigation into the real cause of the initial failure. Such a sequence of events is frustrating as well as expensive.



Stringent quality control makes it highly unlikely that a turbocharger could leave the factory, or our shop, incorrectly assembled, or not up to specifications.

A faulty turbocharger would falter almost from the moment of installation provided the cause of the initial failure was found and corrected, the vehicle is in good condition and the turbocharger has been fitted correctly. Furthermore a turbocharger which has operated successfully for a period of time, and then fails, almost invariably fails because of a deficiency in the operation of the associated engine systems.

Years of actual experience with service failures demonstrate the major cause of turbocharger failures to be faulty lubrication systems, abnormal wear in the bearings or seals results from abrasive contaminants in the oil, or an insufficient supply of oil.

Other systems, such as fuel and ignition, can also play a part in causing engine troubles in which turbocharger system malfunction is originally suspected.

The overall objective of trouble-shooting is to find the cause of trouble and take corrective action to prevent a recurrence. This objective must be kept in mind even while determining whether anything is actually wrong with the turbocharger system components, and just what is wrong, to enable repairs.

Even perfectly operational turbocharger system components cannot compensate for incorrect engine operating procedures, deficiencies in the engine oil supply, oil drain, ignitions, air induction, fuel, or exhaust systems, or for damaged internal engine components.

Please refer to our Fault Diagnosis - Vehicle and Fault Diagnosis - Turbo sections under the menu heading Technical prior to installing a new or reconditioned turbocharger.

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